Let. Go.

As I am praying tonight, an overwhelming peace and feeling of exhalation came over me. “Let. Go.” Immediately I said, “OK God, I let go of the anxiety of this new job. But, Holy Spirit, I need you to remind me of client meetings, and give me creativity, and Lord I need favor, and..... “Let. Go.” “OK. I let go of my plans with the adoption. But, Father, I declare this baby will....” “Let. Go.”

As we begin this new year making room and expecting, maybe you’re like me and have some things you still have a pretty tight grip on that are not allowing us to have hands open to receive all He has prepared. Other words for let go: RELEASE LOOSE UNCLASP and my fave RELINQUISH Father, I let go of worry, doubt, unbelief, insecurity, anxiety. I loose my career, my goals. I unclasp my grip of control. I relinquish my marriage, our future child, and every one of my plans. I leave it all in your hands. Not mine. In Jesus name, amen.