Anyone else still singing Christmas music all day???

Good. Me too. As I was praying for clarity on our adoption journey, “let every heart prepare Him room” kept ringing in my ears. I smiled and wrote it off to my 24/7 Soulful Christmas Spotify playlist. But I felt God tell me to stay there, to write it down (that’s when I know He’s really about to drop a gem on me). 


~We must prepare room for Him in every area (marriage, parenting, career, friendships, family, finances, our minds and hearts)

~This means we also need to clean out some things in order to make room....(I know. Tough.) 

~Personally He was telling me to make room in my heart for “this child” He has for me. To also make room for adoption and all the ups and downs. To make room in my heart and mind to love the birth parents. To clean out the bitterness and resentment. Finally, to pair the works with the faith and “prepare him/her room”. Gulp. Prepare the nursery. 

What do you need to do to make room for God today? Ask Him to reveal anything that needs cleaned out of your life. Let’s begin now to prepare Him room to move like never before.