Filters.  Are.  Everywhere.  We can't open any social media platform without seeing a crown of flowers on someone's head with those perfect turquoise eyes and flawless skin.  Don't get me wrong-they're fun! I've laughed until I cried playing with filters with my 1 year old niece.  I mean come on....look at this face....

Filters make us look flawless to others.  It has become an act of bravery to post a photo that says #nofilter-this is the real me.  

Let's first define FILTER:

 1. Noun-any substance through which liquid or gas is passed to remove impurities or recover solids

Think of an air filter, oil filter in your car, coffee filter, water filter for your drinking water

2.  Verb-to act as a filter for; to slow or partially...

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