Ever been in that place of not knowing what to do next, of “God, if you’ll just show me what to do, I promise I’ll do it!”?

*raises both hands*

Proverbs 1:7 tells us “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. 

So, our first step in finding out what to do is the fear of God. These were the first words of instruction from the wisest king that ever lived, Solomon. As I studied this, I had to admit that I was not really sure what the fear of the Lord was. I battle fear enough-I don’t want to fear my Father too! 

But what I learned changed the game. You ready?


Reverence-to honor and respect. To show a gesture of respect such as bowing. When was the last time you were brought to your knees in a...

As I am praying tonight, an overwhelming peace and feeling of exhalation came over me.

“Let. Go.”

Immediately I said, “OK God, I let go of the anxiety of this new job. But, Holy Spirit, I need you to remind me of client meetings, and give me creativity, and Lord I need favor, and.....

“Let. Go.”

“OK. I let go of my plans with the adoption. But, Father, I declare this baby will....”

“Let. Go.”

As we begin this new year making room and expecting, maybe you’re like me and have some things you still have a pretty tight grip on that are not allowing us to have hands open to receive all He has prepared.

Other words for let go:
and my fave RELINQUISH

Father, I let go of worry, doubt, unbelief, insecurity, anxiety. I loose my career, my goa...

Anyone else still singing Christmas music all day???

Good. Me too.
As I was praying for clarity on our adoption journey, “let every heart prepare Him room” kept ringing in my ears. I smiled and wrote it off to my 24/7 Soulful Christmas Spotify playlist. But I felt God tell me to stay there, to write it down (that’s when I know He’s really about to drop a gem on me). 


~We must prepare room for Him in every area (marriage, parenting, career, friendships, family, finances, our minds and hearts)

~This means we also need to clean out some things in order to make room....(I know. Tough.) 

~Personally He was telling me to make room in my heart for “this child” He has for me. To also make room for adoption and all the ups and downs. To mak...

One of the most life changing prayers we can pray. That "All of You" part sounds so powerful and perfect that we tend to skim right past the "None of me" part.

Just like we declare Romans 8:37 "in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."
‭And skirt past what those "things" are that we are more than conquerors in. 

Look just 2 verses before-Romans 8:35 and we see that:
IN trouble
IN hardship
IN persecution
IN famine
IN nakedness

In these things, we are more than conquerors through Him.

It was at the end of me where I truly found Him.

There's something so strangely beautiful about coming to a place of having absolutely nothing. It gives Him so much open room to move. When we are naked before Him a...

If you've ever felt completely helpless as a loved one grieves-I can promise if you just remember 3 simple letters, you will be the one they always remember as "the one that was really there when I needed it". 

Grieving the loss of 2 babies and the murder of my father in 18 months time-I have learned a lot about the "g" word. And I am determined to allow God to bring beauty from ashes through it. 

As an involuntary expert now, I pray sharing what really helps mend those broken and bruised places of a heart can arm you to be the greatest support to a friend or family member. 

Here it is-the 3 letters to remember:


I told you it was easy. 

S-"sorry". You don't have to have the magic words. You don't have to be positive and say "they're in a better...

 Can you and I have a one on one REAL, raw, honest chat? Good.  Thanks.  I need that.  

As much as I've been fighting it-I know what I'm called to do right now.  To be real.  To speak from a place of being in the TEST of the TESTIMONY.  

I've noticed lately that so many sermons, books, blogs are all written from the testimony side.  The "I used to be where you are, and look where God has brought me now!" viewpoint.  And that is AMAZING.  I looooove an inspirational testimony.  The looking up to someone yelling from the mountain that you are trying to climb gives you a focal point and becomes a hype man that you too can do this.  But sometimes. Sometimes we just need someone to be in that valley with us.  Not to let us...

WAIT! Hear me out...I haven't (completely) lost it.

One of the greatest revelations in my life came when I stopped praying for things.

Now, understand-I am a PRAYING WOMAN! If you can count on me for something, it is to PRAY.  Anytime.  Any place.  Nothing brings me greater joy than when a friend calls or texts "can we pray?".  I get excited!!! Like "uh uh devil-you betta watch out now!" We declare His word.  We stand in agreement.  We put on the full armor.  We cry. We shout.  We leave feeling ready to take on the world and everything in it.  

That's HOW we pray.  But what really transformed my prayers for myself and for others was changing WHAT I prayed.  

So often our prayers sound like this...


Filters.  Are.  Everywhere.  We can't open any social media platform without seeing a crown of flowers on someone's head with those perfect turquoise eyes and flawless skin.  Don't get me wrong-they're fun! I've laughed until I cried playing with filters with my 1 year old niece.  I mean come on....look at this face....

Filters make us look flawless to others.  It has become an act of bravery to post a photo that says #nofilter-this is the real me.  

Let's first define FILTER:

 1. Noun-any substance through which liquid or gas is passed to remove impurities or recover solids

Think of an air filter, oil filter in your car, coffee filter, water filter for your drinking water

2.  Verb-to act as a filter for; to slow or partially...


Sweet sister-it's so true.  There is something your Father has placed in you (and only you) that this world needs.  

*Insert all the "too's".....

But I'm too:








Can I lovingly tell you something?  It's not just about YOU.  What is in you is there for someone else too.  When God revealed this to me, it changed everything.  I realized how selfish I was being with all that God has placed in me.  Here I was critiquing every single thing the creator of the universe purposely placed inside of me.  Wishing I was less this and more that.

Think of a child who spends all day painting a picture, then presents it to you wi...

 In the last few days, I have had 3 of my closest friends and family come to me suffering from anxiety-none of them knowing I had suffered so many times in my life with anxiety and it's awful attacks. There are few things that make my heart ache more than for one of God's beloved to suffer from this life stealing condition.  I knew that it was time to stop holding in my testimony and help them (and all of you) finally free from anxiety.  Once and for all.  


Many times, we equate it to fear.  However, its root is completely different.  

FEAR=response to a real or immediate threat

ANXIETY=expectation of future threat

Here I am soaked in sweat, shaking, unable to sleep, speak, function in the world over...

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